Greetings my friends, both old and new!

This week's news I bring to you!
In poetic form,
yet clear and concise (I hope)
you may even wish to read it twice!

1. To start the week off, come and join us for prayer! Monday at 8, hope to see you there! At the fireplace in the MUSC atrium, you can still go to 8:30 class when we're done!

2. Then the rest of the week will go just like most others, with small groups and prayer pockets - communing with others. This week is the last where we study this year. After this we'll be partying, celebrating with cheer! For the times and locations of each of these sessions, just read below and email your questions!

Where: 121 Stroud Rd.
When: 7:30pm

Where: Whidden Hall
When: 7:00pm

Where: 57 Barclay
When: 7:00pm

Where: MUSC Rm. 303
When: 1:00 - 3:30pm

Got any questions? Contact us:

3. Now I know that it's sad that our time's almost done, and you wish you could study more with everyone. But you can cheer up! Don't you fret, don't you frown, because soon MarkCentral will be around! It's a week where we gather, from all sorts of places, students of all different genders and races, from all 'cross the province, both far and wide, we all come together side by side, to study God's word. The book of Mark. We gather, we learn, from dawn until dark. I urge you to strongly consider this venture, it's worth pursuing, like searching for treasure. So check it out. Read the info below, and if you've got questions, then please let me know!

Mark Central
Dates: May 1-7
Location: York U - Glendon Campus
Cost: $450 BUT you can fundraise! To learn how, please e-mail Mel at She can give you some training/tips.

Registration Closes: April 15th
Register here: BUT only if you are going to pay the full price yourself. If you are fundraising, please hold off! Mel can give you a code to correspond with the amount you fundraise so the site only charges you the amount you are paying. (Example: if you fundraise $200, you only need to pay $250. She will give you a code so the website only charges you $250, rather than $450.)
To learn more, watch this video:

Well, that's it for the week. Not too busy, but good. There will be more events soon to come.
But for now, I will leave you with pic. and poem, to remind you of where we've come from.

This past week was a blast with the mural and party, fun artwork, new friends, and, well, food!
so to finish things off, staying true to my word, I give to you - a haiku:

Fellowship in Christ, in love
this is the Kingdom


A warm and sunshine-y greeting to you all!

I hope you got a chance today to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine! If not, you'll just have to join us for our outdoor/semi-outdoor events this week...

1. Monday Morning Prayer
This is still going on every Monday morning at 8am at the MUSC fireplace! I highly encourage taking the effort to pull yourself out of bed and joining with other community members to spend some time with Jesus before the day kicks-off and gets hectic!

2. Small Groups

Where: 121 Stroud Rd.
When: 7:30pm

Where: Whidden Hall
When: 7:00pm

Where: 57 Barclay
When: 7:00pm

Where: MUSC Rm. 303
When: 1:00 - 3:30pm

Got any questions? Contact us:


Alix here- strange, I know! I am so very excited to be sending you an email about our NEW STUDENT OUTREACH event taking place on March 14th! It's going to be a creative time where there will be a giant mural, music, and free snacks! The mural will be blank except for a phrase that might go something along the lines like: contribute to something bigger than yourself. There will be people playing instruments throughout the day, and instead of people giving us money for the talent, we are going to give them individually wrapped goodies!

Here's where you come in- we need everyone's help to make this event a success, so just email us back where you could see yourself helping out!


ART SUPPLIES: We need: paint brushes, paint, sidewalk chalk, markers (hit reply if you can bring any of these things)

FLYERS: Melissa has graciously already volunteered for this, let Melissa Hillard know if you want to help

INSTRUMENTS: If you have an instrument to either play or just lend us for the day hit reply (I'm bringing my ukulele)

TRANSPORTATION: If you have a car that would be able to transport some of the things needed to set up this event- please let us know

I have created a doodle doc to help us sign up. I have never done this before- so bear with me! Each time spot has 5 openings (we were thinking 2 for busking, and 3 for chatting with people). You may certainly sign up for more than one spot!

Have a great day everyone- and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

- Also, I would like to take a second to encourage each of you to prepare well for this event by thinking/praying about what it means to you that you are a small part of a bigger picture, given meaning through Jesus and the Kingdom mission. Be expecting an email to further facilitate your preparation for this event in the next couple of days. (love, Emily)



An important message from the party planners:

Hey IVCF community! We're throwing an awesome party on St. Patrick's Day but we need your help! The party is Saturday, March 17th, 5:00-midnight.

If you could sign up for at least one of the tasks below, that would be greatly appreciated! You are more than welcome to sign up for more than one! The more people who help, the better.

In keeping with the theme of "contribute to something bigger than yourself", this party is going to be HUGE. So contribute by helping us make this an AWESOME party!

Here is the description of what we need help with, and how many people we would like for each:

Desserts: 4+ people to bring a dessert to share

Set-Up: 5 people to help set up the house before the party. You would need to arrive around 3:30-4:00pm.

Cooking: 4 people to help us cook in the kitchen. You don’t need to be a master chef! It will not be difficult cooking.

Leprechaun: 2 people to help Naomi build the GIANT LEPRECHAUN!!!

Refill Team: 3+ people who can make sure that bowls of chips and cases of pop stay full throughout the night

Clean-Up: 5+ people who are willing to stay late and clean up (maybe around 1:00am).

Please sign up for one (or more) jobs here:

Thanks very much for your help guys!!

Joshua, Meaghan, and Melissa

Then, for Easter, keep this in mind:

A message from our friend Keegan:

On April 1st (Palm Sunday) I hope to organize as many McMaster students as possible to gather together and attend the morning service at MacNeill Baptist Church. I have attended this church on a couple of occasions and have found their congregation to be pleasant and welcoming and their services to have solid Christian teachings. Despite this and being in sight of the university on King Street, there are no students consistently attending this church. My hope is to fill the sanctuary that Sunday morning as a way to bless and encourage the congregation because they truly do have a heart not just for students but for all people. I am asking for your help in: prayer for the event; and that you would consider coming out to MacNeill on April 1st. Thank you for your time and do not hesitate to ask for more information.




Bible Study



and Bible Study


Bible Study


Bible Study


St. Patrick's Day PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Oh, and don't forget about MarkCentral:!/MarkCentral

Registration is NOW OPEN!

Can't wait to spend time with you all this week! Good luck on midterms! Work hard, but pray harder!



P.S. I almost forgot. Next year's leadership team:

Emily (Francis)






Tim (Chung)


Alix - President



We really are excited to see how God will work through these awesome individuals next year! It is our hope that you will be praying and supporting them with us!


Have you looked outside lately? I'm not sure if you can tell through this email, but I'm REALLY excited! Just in time for midterm season, now we get this beautiful reminder of the awesome stuff God can do! He can take this seemingly annoying, cold, semi-solid version of water, and use it to turn our regular, gray-greenish landscape into a dazzling, sparkling, beautiful 'winter wonderland'. As you spend time outside, enjoy the stillness that comes when you see the flakes gently float from the sky, and the knowledge that comes with seeing an untouched patch of snow. There's something that can be truly calming about seeing those patches of perfectly smooth, footprint-less snow. Knowing that noone has traversed that peaceful blanket of earth, and that it has been still - untouched by anything but the wind and God's hand...
Okay, wow - sorry about that. I'm apparently really excited.

Onward to the good stuff:


It's that time of year when we need to start thinking ahead to set our wonderful community up well for the next school year. To do this, we need to select some leaders to represent and help hold vision for the community for next year. Therefore, to begin this process, we are asking you to read this description, and let us know who you think would be well fitted for next year's leadership team.

The way leadership is structured, is that the 'Exec' team (Karen, Alix, and I this year), work most directly with the MSU and IVCF staff. The Exec is responsible for creating and holding vision for the group as well as things like booking rooms, signing checks, and the like.

The leadership team is usually a larger group of students, often requiring slightly less time commitment and responsibility, but are the go-to people for helping plan and organize events and passing on vision to the rest of the Mac IVCF community. This position also often means leading a bible study and/or a prayer pocket.

This is a short time-line, but we need to get on with the process so that we can fill out the appropriate forms for the MSU.

Thank you to all of you who signed up and especially to those of you who are bringing friends! Way to be bold! Details on the where and when of leaving will be sent out via email later this week.

However, what we need to know ASAP is:
1. If you have a car, and can help with the driving, please let us know! (unless you already have)
2. If you have an extra sleeping bag that someone from our community could borrow, again please let us know

Small Groups
and Prayer Pockets will be goin' down as usual, check out the website for those deets:

February 10
We're going skating! Details are to come soon! This is your early warning so that you can plan accordingly! (I believe there are skate rentals available on-site if necessary). This is a great event for inviting friends to, so please do! Start inviting now (ie. earlier warning to your friends to plan accordingly), and by the time the night roles around, you'll have invited them multiple times, making it way more likely they'll have actually remembered to plan accordingly etc! - Just an idea...

Okey Dokey Folks,

That's it:
Retreat - Feb 3-5
Leadership Nominations - Feb 5
Skating - Feb 10

Until next time,
Your friend,

Hey Gang!

This is Emily here, with Karen and Karlee on my left and right, and we're here to bring you all the information you've been waiting for!

1. Worship Night
This Friday (January 27th)
Camleford Hall (2nd floor of Div College)
- Bring a mug! (If you can)

2. Retreat!
Deadline to sign-up (email Karlee) and get us your $20 deposit, is this Sunday!
When: February 3-5
How much: $89 ($20 deposit due to someone on leadership before Sunday)
Who: Everyone! And we mean everyone! To aid you in the inviting of your friends and acquaintances, a brochure has been made and attached to the weekly email. Feel free - actually, feel compelled - to print a couple out, and use them as tools to help you with the invitation process.

Now, perhaps you are thinking: but most of my friends aren't really Christians. If this is the case, then I would like to inform you of the multiple individuals from other campus groups who will be attending but also are not Christians. There will be a fair amount of teaching, but there will also definitely be tons-o-fun!

How do I sign up?
email Karlee at:
then get $20 to someone on the leadership team (or Karlee directly)

Got questions? Send us an email! We want to answer them!

Sign up! Trust God! He loves you! He loves our campus! He wants to love our campus through you! Be encouraged and find out more! Stop thinking about it, and just do it! Sign up! You know you want to...

Sign up!

~ Emily

p.s. sign up! Before Sunday - ie. now: